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Why Hydrowick® is your Cost Effective Drainage Solution.

Hydrowick's® unique ability to provide effective and efficient drainage, coupled with its low cost and minimally invasive installation process, makes it the ultimate tool to enhance surface quality. Maximize play time and minimize downtime with Hydrowick.
Within just hours you can address surface drainage issues, while avoiding costly repair, downtime, and future maintenance.


How it works

  • Hydrowick absorbs surface moisture and allows for water to pass through its open stainless core using passive capillary action to pull water and manage where it is channeled and dispersed.

  • With Hydrowick's unique design you can address surface moisture and ponding water with fast free flow drainage and significant flow capacity within hours of heavy rain.

  • Hydrowick addresses excess water that is inaccessible by conventional pipe systems allowing for quicker recovery time and improved turf quality.

Let's Get Technical

  • Hydrowick can be installed anywhere from 6"-12" (15-30cm) below the playing surface. The Hydrowick installation process incorporates a 1'' (25mm) sand curtain allowing for surface water to efficiently drain more effectively than typical conventional drainage systems.

  • The size of the pores of the Hydrowick element, and its unique installation technique, ensures no ground composition/silting will impede drainage capabilities. The 1" (25mm) element has proven to increase drainage by over 70% when compared to conventional systems.

Hydrowick Patented Installation Process

The team at Hydrowick have developed the unique Hydrowick installation process with the use of the patented Hydrowick Sandbander design. Our innovative team has a world-wide installer network with product experts ready to assist with your installation.

  • The Hydrowick Sandbander can efficiently install Hydrowick while backfilling with dry sand and rolling the seam. An all-in-one approach ensuring courses are closed for a minimal time period, thus ensuring maximum play time.

  • Hydrowick can be installed in a 5000 sq.ft green in approx. 4 hours. The green can be back in play within 24 hours.

  • Hydrowick can be installed in greens, fairways, tee decks as well as catch basin areas. Hydrowick can be tied into header tile systems, day-lighted into ponds or catch basins.

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