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Retail Sod Varieties

Selecting the correct variety of sod is not always as easy as one would think. It is important when choosing the appropriate sod for your commercial space to know what options you have. To be more specific, it is critical that you go through the necessary steps to ensure you are making the correct choice, and the investment in new turf makes sense.


Its beauty and functionality make Empire Zoysia uniquely suited for homeowners and golf courses in varying climatic conditions throughout the southeast.

Latitude36™ Bermuda

Suitable for athletic fields, home lawns, tees, fringes, fairways and roughs, this newcomer to the high-end turf market is quite the performer. It tolerates low mowing heights, recovers quickly from injury and looks better than any bermudagrass on the market.

Celebration® Bermudagrass

Celebration is a deep blue-green bermudagrass that has finished best in numerous university research studies for wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and tolerance and bermudagrass shade tolerance.


Commonly referred to as “the lazy mans grass”, centipede can be seen growing on home lawns, roadsides, and parks throughout the southeast.

419 Bermuda

Tifway 419 has been the standard for golf course tees, fairways and roughs throughout the southern United States for decades. Tifway 419 is a vigorous grower which has a dense, low growth habit and has a fast recovery rate from wear and traffic.

Zorro Zoysia

Zorro is the #1 rated zoysia grass in the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials. It is a very fine bladed zoysia with a deep green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial, and residential lawns. Zorro is rapidly replacing many St. Augustine and centipede lawns due to its great shade tolerance, durability, disease resistance and beauty.

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Blended Earth

Blended Earth

Blended Earth is a premium mushroom compost-based soil product. We carefully mix in our own special ingredients and soil conditioner to make it a complete, ready-to-plant soil.

Sod Calculator

Area Calculator

Modern Turf makes measuring your lawn or property easy. With our sod and Turf Care services, calculator, you can measure the square footage of your property in minutes.

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Modern Turf professionals go through a detailed process enabling us to offer full installation and prep services for new lawns.

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