About Us

Modern Turf is a state-of-the-art turfgrass production company specializing in growing and installing a wide selection of high quality grass varieties for the golf and landscape industries. The company was founded with the expertise of several former golf course superintendents. The original founder and President of Modern Turf is Hank Kerfoot, a graduate of Lake City Community College (Lake City, Florida). The Vice President is B.J Haunert. B.J. is a graduate of Ohio State University. Buddy Smith covers the Carolinas as our Sales Manager and has a wealth of information and experience in the golf and landscape industries.

Individually, they have been involved in all phases of golf course management and construction and boast over 50 combined years of turf management experience in the U.S., Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. We believe turfgrass grown and installed by former golf course superintendents produces a superior product for architects, builders, owners, golf course superintendents, and landscape contractors.

With business models including the turf farms, Modern Turf Care division, retail outlets in Columbia, SC & Irmo, SC, Sports Turf division, and hosting golf’s premier events such as the Ultradwarf Revolution, Modern Turf professionals are the ones you’ll want on your side.

Hank Kerfoot

Hank is a turf graduate of Lake City Community College and a former golf course superintendent. He officially formed Modern Turf in February of 2000, closing on the first 410 acres which is the Rembert Farm. Between 2008 and 2010 Modern Turf acquired another 690 acres in Dalzell, SC and bought 325 more acres in Dalzell in 2016. 18 years after the original purchase, he has fully embraced the sod industry. Hank constantly looks for new grasses to better suit the many facets of the turf industry that we actively serve. Hank is involved in leadership roles with several industry-related organizations and enjoys giving back to the community, as well.

BJ Haunert

B.J. is the Vice President of Modern Turf.  He graduated from Ohio State University in 1996 with an agronomy degree. During his 25 years in the turf grass industry, B.J. has directed numerous re-grassing projects throughout the southeast.  His first-hand knowledge of growing the most pertinent varieties on the market today is reflected in both the quality of turf grown on the farm, and a successful end product for the customer.

Zach Cook

Zach earned his turf degree from Piedmont Technical College in 2012 and started his career at Modern Turf that same year. He is currently serving as Construction Manager for our Sports Turf division. Zach oversees daily operations for the crew and supervises projects on-site. One of his many skills is laser-grading sports fields to achieve the perfect playing surface.

Thomas Reeder

Thomas Reeder is a sales manager for Modern Turf. A native of Camden, South Carolina, he graduated in 2011 from Clemson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Turfgrass Management. When it comes to sod or turf care, Thomas is the main point of contact. His turf grass knowledge and wonderful people skills are an asset to Modern Turf.

Tammy Cook

Always willing to help, Tammy is the Office Manager at Modern Turf. She joined the team in 2004 and has been a stabilizing force behind the scenes since then. Tammy has numerous responsibilities among all divisions and lends her expertise to billing, human resources, and accounting for the entire operation.

Scott Reul

Scott is the Assistant Manager for the Sod and Landscape Supply Outlet. For all your residential Sod and Landscape Materials, Scott will work with you to identify and supply the correct products to satisfy your needs.

Randy Allen

Randy Allen has been a pillar in the Carolinas golf industry for several decades, as superintendent for 35+ years at some of the most high-profile courses in the region.  Randy served on the Executive Committee for the Carolinas Golf Association from 2008-2017, is past president of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association and recipient of their 2006 Distinguished Service Award.  In 2011, Randy brought his vast knowledge and experience to Modern Turf where he currently serves as Sales Manager, helping golf industry professionals make important grass and agronomic decisions.

Matt Hecko

Matt is the Production Manager for Modern Turf Care. He is a 2008 graduate of Horry-Georgetown with a Turf and Sports Field Management degree, and spent 2 years as an Assistant Superintendent in the southeast before starting with Modern Turf in 2014. Matt offers consultations for lawns and expertise concerning grassing options, turf care services, and the ways Modern Turf can help make lawns more enjoyable.

Mark Grainger

Mark Grainger has been in the turf industry for over 15 years. After studying Business at Clemson University, Mark recieved his turf degree from Horry Georgetown in 2005. After starting his career in Golf Course Construction, Mark worked his way through the golf industry as an Assistant and later becoming a Superintendent. With an extensive background in sports and turf, Mark made the transition to sports turf in 2008. Since that time Mark has created one of the Southeast's top Sport Turf Service Providers. His first hand knowledge reflects botht the quality of product his team produces and a successful end product for the customer.

Kristi Dodson

Kristi is Logistics Assistant, Purchasing Agent, and Receivables Associate. She earned her degree in horticulture and landscape design from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in 1986, and spent nearly 30 years as Landscape Manager for golf courses and private communities in Virginia and Louisiana. She also served as Estate Gardener for a historic property in Richmond, Virginia, where she restored the gardens and presented them for Virginia’s Historic Garden Week tour of homes in 2004. Kristi’s passion is flowers but she speaks the language of turf, too.

Jerome Dodson

Jerome is Production Manager at the farms. He graduated from NC State University in 1988 with degrees in both turf management and landscape, and spent more than 25 years as a Golf Course and Construction Superintendent throughout Virginia and in Louisiana. Jerome brings the expectations of a customer to production for Modern Turf.

Dustin Campfield

Dustin Campfield is the Vice President of Modern Turf Care. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and has been with Modern Turf since 2004. Dustin’s major role is to ensure customers receive the best quality service with our Turf Care Program. His expertise and knowledge extend into the golf, sales, retail, and sports turf divisions. Dustin received his national certification as Certified Sports Turf Manager in 2016.

Chris Cook

Chris is the Farm Manager at Modern Turf, joining the operation at its inception in 2000. He has played a vital role in the growth of the farms since then. Chris makes sure our sod is harvested and ready for delivery in a timely fashion, and ensures farm operations run smoothly.

Chris Amerson

Chris Amerson is Logistics Coordinator for Modern Turf, ensuring the correct variety and quantity of sod is shipped to your project on time. Chris has extensive landscape installation and maintenance experience, and originally joined the team here as a sales representative in 2010. He takes great pride in helping customers meet installation deadlines. 

Buddy Smith, Jr.

Buddy Smith, Jr. is a well-known name in the turf industry. He holds 2 degrees from NC State University, having earned his turf diploma in 1993 and ornamental landscape diploma in 1994. With 23 years of diverse experience, Buddy is a central part of the Modern Turf team. As a sales representative, he uses his first-hand knowledge to help customers make informed decisions. 

Beal DeWitt

Beal is a 2005 graduate of Clemson University and has 10+ years of experience in the turf grass industry.  He is currently the Modern Turf Outlet Store Manager.  Whether it's sod, mulch, rock, or turf care, Beal coordinates the product, delivery and service to meet customers’ needs.