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It’s easy to spot turf that isn’t being properly maintained. Bare spots, compacted soil, or the presence of clumpy weeds are a dead giveaway. The athletic fields found at many schools and municipal facilities often show these signs and frequently, the turf may be dangerous to play on.

Renovation and construction projects can be tedious and expensive tasks. Our experienced team at Modern Turf are here to make these projects less stressful and more cost effective. From the planning and development stages until the last step is completed. We are committed to using the latest technology and specialized equipment to build safe and healthy sports fields to exact standards.

We will design a program that is optimal for your turf and your budget.

  • Drainage Installation & Repair
  • Sprigging Services
  • Field Design & Construction
  • Infield Lip Removal
  • Sod Installation & Repair
  • Dual Plane Laser Grading
  • Infield Construction & Repair
  • Irrigation Design & Installation

Sports Turf Services

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