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Lawn Area Calculator

Use the Lawn Area Calculator to get an estimate of how much sod you'll need for your project.

How to Use the Area Calculator


  1. Begin by entering an address into the search bar. Select an address from the list. 
  2. Mouse over to Layer Options on the left of the map.
  3. Click and release “Select” next to the 1. The "1" means the first area to measure.
  4. Mouse over to the map and click on a corner of the area you want to measure. You should see a little green pin with a “1” pop up where you click.
  5. Continue clicking around the area, until the area is covered in a transparent green box.
  6. Once you’ve mapped the area, you will see the Area total under “Totals:”.
  7. If you want to remove your last placed pin, click “Delete Last Pin”.
  8. If you need to start over, click “Delete Layer” and the pins you’ve placed for that area will disappear.
  9. Click on the green button that says “Add New Area”, if you need to measure two or more (up to three) areas.



  • When placing pins, the best practice is to circle the property in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion from your first pin and work from the top of the map to the bottom, if mapping multiple areas.
  • If your address doesn’t show up in the available addresses, just enter in a nearby known address and navigate over to the area you want to measure. The map will still measure the area, even though your address is not in the system.
  • If you are at the location you want to measure, click the small circle at the end of the search bar to navigate the map to your location (your device location needs to be turned on for this to work).
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