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4 Things You Should Know Before Installing Sod

Installing sod correctly can save you time and money in the long run.

Laying sod requires careful attention to detail both in its handling and installation. Therefore, whether you are laying a new lawn or renovating your current one, it’s important that you understand various key things before installation. Here is an insight into some of these things:

1. Take careful measurements

Sod comes in rolls or large square and rectangular sections. They have to be cut and sized into the right shape for them to fit well. Without proper measurements, you may end up with a messy result because some sections will be overlapping while others will have gaps. Therefore, get the right measurements, cut the sod into the right sizes, and lay each piece systematically for a perfect result.

2. Prepare the soil

Before installing your sod, you will first need to prepare the soil. Remove all the debris in the desired area and then level with a rake. The soil should be one inch below sidewalks and driveways. Use a lawn roller to level the soil surface and then irrigate it in preparation for sod laying. Applying an herbicide to eliminate any weeds a week or two before the installation is also important.

3. Install your sod properly

When installing the sod, you will need to take care of the different sections to avoid overlapping or leaving gaps. Gaps provide room for weeds to grow. Use a sharp knife to fit the sod in corners and around obstacles. Then water the sod 3 times daily for one week to allow for roots to develop.

4. Keep your sod well hydrated

Both before and after installation, your sod needs to be kept moist. It dries out quickly and can cost you time, money, energy.

You should also avoid mowing your lawn immediately. Instead, wait until the sod has developed roots. Using the lawn should also be prohibited for 3 weeks to allow good establishment.

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