4 Tips for Choosing the Best Putting Green for Your Golf Course

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Selecting the ideal turf for your putting green shows you value your clients. The best fit turf for your golf course means considering everything from local climate and preferred maintenance routines to the range of skill levels of the golfers who frequent your club.

Making a wise decision often comes down to checking tolerance levels. Here are four tips from the experts for choosing the best putting green for your golf course.

Four Tolerance Factors to Think About When Choosing Turf for Your Putting Green

Tip 1: Consider local climate. Planting with an eye on natural weather patterns means evaluating drought, cold and heat tolerance levels.

Tip 2: Think about your budgetary constraints. For example, for course owners and operators with limited staff, and those who don’t want to maintain traditional ultradwarf turf with verti-groomers, brushes and rollers, Modern Turf recommends SUNDAY Ultra-Dwarf, which provides the same high-quality and flexibility without the additional spending.

Tip 3: Evaluate hardiness. There are varieties of turfgrasses that tolerate wet feet better than others. Some turf thrives in partial or full-shade, other types require six to eight hours of full sun daily to stay healthy and strong under heavy traffic.

Tip 4: Assess your clientele and the skill levels of frequent users. Frequent golfers will tell you that consistency is king when it comes to their game. New golfers may not notice when the blades are a bit taller or shorter, but more experienced guests will. Decide whether you prefer a turf variety genetically modified to reduce growth or if an applied growth regulator is a better option. Focus on achieving consistent speeds on the course.

Consult the Professionals Before Your Decide

Working with a professional turf consultant to select a best fit turf variety will ensure your clients never have to tolerate low-quality putting greens. Modern Turf consultants bring decades of experience and knowledge together to help you find the perfect solution. Contact us today to get started!


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