4 Ways Plant Growth Regulators Can Improve the Look of Your Turf

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4 Ways Plant Growth Regulators Can Improve the Look of Your Turf

How can plant growth regulators benefit you and your turf?

Plant growth regulators have been used for many years in the turf industry. While the original purpose was to slow down the speed of growth, there are other various ways they can help improve the look of your turf as well.

  • Reduced timing and edging: When sprayed at the base of your turf grass, plant growth regulators help reduce the growth speed. This is particularly helpful for turf that grows during the warm season and spread by stolons or runners that grow at the soil surface. By reducing the growth speed, plant growth regulators help maintain the ornamental shape of turf for longer periods of time.
  • Improved grass health and stress relief: Growth turf requires a substantial amount of energy, particularly during the initial phase when the cool season leads to rapid growth. Using plant growth regulators a few weeks before the weather gets warmer helps reserve energy, thus enabling turf to take on stress and disease pressures more easily.
  • Reduced mowing in difficult areas: Areas that are difficult to mow can benefit a great deal from plant growth regulators. Such areas include hillsides and right-off ways. This is particularly true for turf species where unsightly seed heads and grass stalks are primary reasons for mowing.
  • Promote the growth of one species over another: Plant growth regulators have often been used to promote growth of certain turf species over others, especially in cases where more than one species is grown closely together. This reduces grass competition and allows more time for plugs to establish.

All of these factors play a vital role when it comes to improving the look of your turf. To help your turf look as healthy and beautiful as possible, count on the pros at Modern Turf!


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