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5 Simple Fall Lawn Care Tips for Beginners

Fall leaves on green grass
Caring for your lawn in the fall leads to a healthy beautiful lawn in the spring. Photo credit: David Yu

Just because warm weather is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you should neglect your lawn. In fact, taking steps to care for your grass in the fall can help lay the foundation for a beautiful lawn come spring. Here are five fall lawn care tips to help you keep your lawn in top condition year-round.

Keep Mowing and Watering 

As tempting as it may be to stop, keep mowing and watering your lawn as it needs it throughout the season, especially because South Carolina temperatures could still be in the mid-80s through the end of November! Then, as winter comes around, cut your lawn once last time using your mower’s lowest setting; this allows the crown of your grass to receive sunlight during the coldest season of the year. 

Aerate Your Soil

Aerating your lawn’s soil in the fall can help water, fertilizer, and oxygen reach your grass’ roots more easily during the winter months, boosting your lawn’s health come spring. 

Apply Fertilizer

If you can only fertilize once a year, fall is the best time to do it. An application of fertilizer in the autumn helps your lawn’s roots grow deeper and gives your grass a healthy start in the spring.

Rake Regularly

Raking leaves may not be fun, but it is necessary. Leaves left to become wet with rain and dew can suffocate your grass and foster fungal diseases. Rake regularly to avoid a more serious lawn health concern.

Combat Weeds

Much like fertilizer, herbicides are often most effective when applied in the fall. If you’ve been battling dandelions all summer, an application of herbicide by the middle of autumn will stop a recurrence in the spring.

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