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Too much watering can be harmful to your lawn. Most lawns need about ½ inch to 1 inch of watering just once a week to thrive. If you have any of these symptoms, you could be overwater.

#1: Fungus Growth

Instances of fungus growth, even the growth of mushrooms in your lawn or flowerbeds, are an indication of too much water. Also, look for a red/orange coloring on grass, a type of rust fungus. With proper watering and care, you don’t necessarily need a fungicide.

#2: Weed Growth

Weeds thrive in very wet conditions and tend to grow faster and more predominately than the grass itself. Crabgrass is one of the most common problems.

#3: Standing Water

When watering, never add so much water that it sits on the top of the soil. If it is not penetrating the soil, it is overwatered or being watered too heavily or quickly. Standing water breeds problems with insects.

#4: Yellowing or Discoloration

Too much water can lead to a yellowing of the grass. This is brought on by the water stripping away too many of the nutrients in the soil.

#5: Insect Development

Lawns with excessive moisture tend to be the ideal place for insects to breed. You may notice bare patches of grass, a clear indication of an insect problem.

Ultimately, Modern Turf can help you to both repair these problems and help you to maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn. Talk to us about how you can improve the density and beauty of your lawn.


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