6 Ways to Help Your Sports Field Recover During Post-Season

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6 Ways to Help Your Sports Field Recover During Post-Season

Recover during the off-season so your field can make a great comeback in the spring

Winter is a great time to help a sport field recover from all the rough play it gets during the spring and summer months. Even if a sports field is still in use, there is significantly less foot traffic on a field in the winter due to rain and colder weather. It’s a great time to work on restoring the sports field to its natural glory, so that it will be ready for more action in the sunnier, warmer months.

How to Help a Sports Field Recover in the Off Season

  • Fertilize: Now is the time to add compost and any other amendments to the soil. With less foot traffic, the plants will enjoy the extra nutrients and make the most of it. Just be sure not to add too much nitrogen to the soil right before the first frost, as the extra moisture in the leaves make it more prone to frost injury.
  • Aerate: Aerate, spike, or slice the soil to loosen it up, allow better retention of water, and allow more oxygen into the soil.
  • Overseed: Apply seed to the much larger areas of a sports field that are more worn out.
  • Lay down new sod: For smaller bare patches, such as a soccer goal area, put down sod. When the weather becomes warmer, the grass will lay down new roots.
  • Apply fungicide: Mold from snow and wet weather can kill a grass turf or make it look unsightly. Applying a fungicide beforehand will prevent any pink and gray snow mold growth in the winter.
  • Add a cover: After you have done all the above, consider adding a growth cover, especially in high use areas.

Consult Sports Turf Professionals

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