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Laying new sod can help you easily and quickly transform your yard in time for summer, but missteps during the sod buying and installation process can leave you with less than desirable results. In order to ensure that you achieve the perfect green, lush lawn in time for warm weather and outdoor barbecues, here are some important tips to keep in mind as you embark on your home sod landscaping project.

Get your sod from a trusted supplier

While you can buy sod from almost any garden supply shop, you may not receive the best quality product when you shop at a big box store, and the sales representatives at general gardening stores can’t always provide the assistance you may need. Choosing to buy directly from a trusted sod farm ensures that you receive both high-quality sod and knowledgeable guidance.

Prepare your yard’s soil in advance

While sod is easy to install on your own, failing to properly prepare your soil in advance can set you up for failure. Maximize the chances that your new sod will take root by incorporating organic material into the soil beforehand and watering it carefully before installation.

Lay the sod as soon as you receive it

Because sod is a living material, letting it sit too long after being harvested will cause it to lose vital moisture, reducing the chances that it will take root properly in your yard. Have your yard completely ready for installation before scheduling delivery and be certain to begin laying your new sod immediately.

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