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Laying sod is one of the quickest and easiest ways for homeowners and businesses alike to achieve lush, green and healthy lawns. However, understanding the nature of sod and how to choose the best type for your lawn’s needs is key to getting the best results. With that in mind, here are the three steps you should take when buying sod:

Pick the right supplier

Sod is easy to find at any major garden supply store, but the quality control and customer service provided by these big box stores means you may not know what you’re getting. Opting to go directly to a sod farm can help ensure that you get the highest quality sod available. In addition, sod farms are equipped to provide in-depth consultations about your yard conditions and other important factors to help you choose the best sod for your needs.

Understand how to spot quality sod

Quality sod can be identified by several key signs: the consistency of its soil, indications that it’s properly fertilized, its maturity level and how recently it was harvested. In general, you want sod that has soil that is neither falling apart nor packed too tightly, that is clearly well-fertilized and mature, and that has been harvested within the past eight hours.

Be ready to lay the sod immediately upon delivery

Sod only has about eight hours from harvest to installation before it starts to lose too much moisture and become over stressed. Before you purchase any sod, make sure that your yard’s soil is properly prepared for immediate sod installation.

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