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Common Sports Turf Problems and How to Avoid Them

There is nothing quite like a thick, lush, healthy looking green turf field. However, getting that picture perfect sports turf is not as easy as it looks. Here’s a list of some common mishaps that could potentially happen to your sports turfs and how to treat them.

Common Problems with Sports Turfs

  • Soil compaction: Soil compaction happens when dirt gets packed in too tightly. This can result in a very hard surface, difficulty rolling a ball along, low drainage, and bad growing conditions for turf grass. Soil compaction can be addressed by using solid tines during the active season and more aggressive aeration methods in the post-season.
  • Poor drainage: Inadequate drainage happens when the soil cannot absorb all the water from irrigation or rain. This results in muddy patches and increased risk of injury to players. Adding sand or compost can reduce the density of soil and increase irrigation rates.
  • Lack of irrigation: Even in very wet climates, there can be periods of very little rain. Without enough constant water supply, grass can wither and dry, leaving a field dusty and damaged. First, be sure to plant grass that is drought tolerant, especially in naturally dry climates. Raise mowing heights to conserve water. Also, consider adding an inground irrigation system to be turned on during dry spells.
  • Poor grade: A poor grade on a turf can lead to puddles, canceled games, erosion, difficulty growing grass, and soil compaction. It’s important to have your field laser-graded every few years to keep your field from being either too flat or too rounded.

Turf Repair and Maintenance Experts

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