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The steps you take to care for your lawn now affect how healthy it remains over the winter and into next spring. With the shift to autumn just around the corner, we recommend completing the following lawn care tasks:

  • Apply fertilizer: Putting down fertilizer when the grass is cooler gives it the opportunity to recover from the stress of summer heat. A slow-release fertilizer is especially useful in providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs.
  • Eliminate thatch build-up: Thatch, which contains a build-up of roots that grow above ground, deprives your lawn of the direct sunlight, oxygen, and moisture it needs for healthy growth. Removing thatch layers allows these nutrients to reach the soil in your lawn’s deepest layers.
  • Rake and remove all leaves: Leaves left on the grass all winter long attract disease, fungus, and mold. They also reduce water absorption and block sunlight. Be sure to rake, bag, and remove leaves from your lawn to avoid patches of dead grass in the spring.
  • Weeding: The ideal time to weed your lawn is after a rainstorm because the damp ground makes it easier to loosen and remove them. Start by reaching the lowest point of the weed with your gloved hand and pulling forcefully. You will need to use a pointed garden tool if you’re unable to dislodge the weed on your own. Place the weeds in a bag as you pull them and dispose of the waste right away. This prevents you from re-introducing the seeds to your lawn.

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