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How to Keep Lawn Green All Summer Long

Learn how to enjoy your lawn all summer long

Keeping your grass green during the summer is an important restoration and performance goal. During the extreme heat of the summer months, your lawn will be more prone to heat stress and drying out. Fortunately, you can protect your turf from summer damage by following a few simple steps.

When your renovation and presentation goal during the summer is to maintain a beautiful lawn, follow these steps to keep your greens green:

Sharpen Your Mowing Technique

During the summer, your lawn is more sensitive to over-mowing and can burn faster because of it. Taking certain precautions like keeping your blades sharp, mowing only one-third the height of your grass at a time, and never mowing your grass below three inches can prevent mowing related damage to your lawn.

Water Less, Water Deep

Water your lawn deeply and less frequently during the summer for deeper roots and greener blades. Watering too often can lead to stagnant water, which is a recipe for lawn disease during the hotter months.

Stay off the Grass

Foot traffic (or even car traffic, gasp!) can be damaging to your lawn and may create bald spots. If you notice areas of flattened grass, try to limit traffic in that area so it can recover and retain its healthy green.

Summer is a time for outdoor gatherings and lemonade, but when autumn rolls around, you’ll be glad you followed these simple steps to keep your lawn green.

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