How Does Soil Compaction Impact My Turf Growth?

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How Does Soil Compaction Impact My Turf Growth?

Compaction can impede the growth of your turf.

When soil compaction occurs, the volume of soil is reduced and the amount of aeration within the soil is also dramatically inhibited. What Causes Soil Compaction?

Soil compaction can be caused by a variety of external factors, including the use and operation of heavy grooming equipment, such as those used on playing fields and golf courses.

What Turf Conditions are Affected by Soil Compaction?

When soil compaction has occurred, the aesthetic properties of the turf are affected. The turf will be flat and hard as opposed to upright and spongy. The playing surface of the turf is also negatively impacted after soil compaction, since the compaction actually begins on the surface of the turf. Instead of being uniform and absorbent, the turf may become uneven and unpredictable. Rainwater may puddle on the surface of the turf instead of flowing through the turf and underneath into the soil where it can nourish the turf’s continued growth. The puddling of rainwater will usually prevent further use of the turf until it can be remediated.

How Does Soil Compaction Impact Turf Growth?

Since the soil is where the nutrients are as well as where the roots of the turf are, turf growth will be significantly impeded by soil compaction. Roots will not be able to burrow through compacted soil and may die off, leaving the surface turf to turn brown and die.

Soil compaction severely inhibits the successful transfer of soil nutrients to the roots and the turf. Even if the turf doesn’t die off completely, it will under-perform as far as turf vitality and longevity.

In short, soil compaction can spell the end of your turf. Contact the pros to learn about how to avoid the devastation of soil compaction on your lawn, golf course or playing field.


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