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Vivid consideration should be put in place in determining whether a field is fit for play. This is paramount in determining the well-being of the participants. The parameters for sports field maintenance are safety, playability, aesthetics and durability for Athletic Fields, Golf Courses, and baseball Diamonds.

Under any circumstances, the safety of the participants is to be put as a priority. When determining the playability of an athletic field, here are some guidelines that should be considered:

  • There should be no stagnant water in any part of the field that can cause any harm to the field.
  • The field should not be used if there is a muddy condition that shows no prospects of drying before the activity.
  • When there are any footprint expressions on the left of the turf surface often more than ½ deep, playing on the field is not advised
  • If water gathers around the sole of a boot at any portion of the field and any sound (squish) of water, it is unsafe for players
  • Dirty water on grass forms deeper holes which become unsafe and hard to remove
  • The field may also be considered unfit for activities due to other conditions such as lightning and heavy winds.

These are just some of the major determinants of whether or not a field is ready for play. Determining the playability of a field is also vital to the continued health of the turf and the sustainability of the field. For all of your turf questions, talk to the pros at Modern Turf!


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