How to Keep Your Sod Grass Easy to Manage: 5 Time & Money-Saving Tips

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For many people, sod grass offers the perfect solution for a beautiful lawn.  Repairing or replacing part of your lawn or even the whole lawn may seem like an overwhelming and time consuming project. Sod grass is the way to go if you want to get things going right away.  After all, planting seed can be as painful as, well, “watching grass grow.”

Although sod is a good option for your home lawn, it’s also the kind of thing that needs lots of on-going TLC.  Here are 5 time, money and trouble-saving tips to help you keep your lawn looking fresh, beautiful, and well-maintained all year round:

1. Make sure your sod grass is planted on a solid foundation by:

  • Treating for weeds before planting
  • Clearing the soil of diseased/wilted grass, rocks & debris
  • Tilling the soil, if possible, to allow for proper aeration
  • Introducing quality soil if plot is sandy, rocky or depleted

2. Make provisions for watering ahead of time by:

  • Installing an automatic watering system
  • Setting up watering schedules each month

3. Secure the newly-sodden area appropriately by:

  • Putting up “Keep Off Lawn” signs
  • Instructing family & friends to not tread on the grass
  • Keeping pets off the grass until it’s established

4. Avoid geographic or climate-related issues by:

  • Selecting the right type of grass for your area
  • Treating your grass and soil, as required or recommended

5. Engaging the help/expertise of professionals by:

  • Finding a lawn company with a good reputation to help ensure that your lawn is well-kept
  • Getting feedback that will save you time & money

If you are burdened with a lawn that needs to be re-built or a plot of land that can use a whole new lawn, then sod grass is your best bet. Although sod grass planting may look easy, it is best done with the help and feedback of the knowledgeable, friendly professionals at Modern Turf. Call us today for fast, reliable, and time and money-saving assistance!


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