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Keep Your Grass Healthy in the Middle of Summer

Many people focus on getting their grass ready for the summer sun starting in the winter or spring; however, there are also several tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that your lawn is receiving the care it needs during the months of summer sun. If you would like to keep your grass as green as possible during the warmer months, here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Water in the Morning

It is common to have questions regarding when you should actually be watering the grass. The best time to water the grass is during the morning when the temperatures are a little bit cooler. If you wait until the temperature warms up during the day to water your grass, a significant amount of the moisture from the watering will be lost in the form of evaporation.

Keep mower blades sharp

It’s not unusual for people to neglect the sharpness of the blades on the lawnmower, particularly if the blades are still getting the job done; however, if you mow the grass with dull blades, it tends to shred the grass instead of cutting it. This increases the amount of surface area exposed to the sun and can lead to a significant amount of moisture loss. Keep the blades sharp to preserve the integrity of your grass.

Don’t Feed During Warm Temperatures

The grass already has enough to deal with when the temperature warms up. It is too stressed out to soak up the nutrients from fertilizer once the temperatures get so high. Hold off on fertilizing the grass during the warmer months to make sure it’s healthy and well taken care of.

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