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LEXINGTON, S.C. October 8, 2018 – Modern Turf, a state-of-the-art turfgrass production company, is proud to announce the launch of a new Ultradwarf Bermudagrass, Mach 1.

Modern Turf is the first turfgrass producer to provide Mach 1 for golf courses throughout the US. Mach 1 was an easy addition to the Modern Turf selection as the grass provides an extremely fast putting surface. Mach 1 has been characterized as one of the cleanest and purest turfs throughout its growth period. Its attractive fine texture, exceptional density, and overall smoothness create the ultimate playing surface that can be mowed as low as any grass on the market. This premium turfgrass is a genetically strong, high-end performer that is both heat and drought tolerant.

“Mach 1 was developed with the desire to have a better and more stable Ultradwraf Bermudagrass for golf greens,” says Mach 1 developer, Rod Lingle. “It is a very high quality turfgrass that is capable of producing the most desired playing surface available when managed properly.” Mach 1 has been grown and tested for almost 20 years and evaluated in different climate and playing conditions for the past seven years, proving the turf is suitable for any fine-textured athletic surfaces such as golf courses, grass tennis courts, lawn bowling, and croquet.

Along with Modern Turf’s other Bermudagrass selections, Latitude 36, Celebration, and Tifway 419, Sunday, and Miniverde, Mach 1 is a warm season turf that thrives in all regions. For any golf courses interested in Mach 1, Modern Turf will be involved in all phases of the golf course sales and establishment. From the initial conversation, to the site visit, quantity assessment, harvesting, delivery, installation, as well as maintenance, Modern Turf has you covered.

For golf course projects outside of the United States, Atlas Turf International will manage sales and marketing for Mach 1. As the industry leader in bringing the highest quality turfgrasses to the worldwide market, Atlas Turf is experienced in meeting the turfgrass needs of international clients around the globe.

To find out more about Mach 1, or for more information about various other Modern Turf products, call (803) 600-4835, or visit Modern Turf online at


Recognized globally as one of the premier warm season turfgrass producers, Modern Turf is the only producer in the world to grow three Ultradwarf Bermudagrass varieties for the golf course putting greens. Modern Turf was founded by several former golf course superintendents who have been involved in all phases of golf course management and construction. Together they have more than 50 combined years of turfgrass management experience in the United States, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Modern Turf operates a sod farm in Rembert, South Carolina and a retail outlet in Columbia, South Carolina.


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