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Reasons You Need Blended Earth for Your Winter Garden

Blended Earth can make the difference between a good garden and a great one.

Many people think gardening is over sometime in the fall right before the cold hits. However, winter crops can be a great way to extend the growing season, enjoy delicious vegetables, and add a pop of color to your landscaping during the winter months. To really maximize the benefits of winter gardening, consider adding Blended Earth to your winter garden. Here are a few reasons why:

How Blended Earth Can Boost Your Winter Garden

  • Feed underground organisms: Worms, microbes, and a variety of other living things live and thrive on rich soil underneath the ground. When they are well-fed with nutrient-rich earth, they respond by aerating, decomposing matter, and putting nutrients back into the soil.
  • Add nutrients to the soil: Blended Earth will add nitrogen, phosphorous, and other valuable nutrients to the soil to enrich it. When you till the soil to add the Blended Earth, you will also be introducing oxygen to the soil, which helps plants grow.
  • Ward off diseases: When you improve the soil your plants grow in, your plants become healthier and stronger. They will be better able to withstand diseases that might destroy weaker plants.
  • Increase water retention: Amended soil is much lighter and less compact. This means it can retain water better in the winter, which leads to less watering on your part. Roots grow much better on softer soil, so plants can have more room to grow and soak up extra moisture.

There are many types of Blended Earth for winter gardens. Which one to pick depends on your soil’s pH level and what your growing goals are for your garden. Contact the soil experts at Modern Turf in Rembert, South Carolina for a detailed assessment of your soil.


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