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With the warmer weather approaching, it is time for people to get their yards ready for the spring season. While a bare yard during the winter may be expected with the colder weather, most people want to make sure that their yard is green by the time spring arrives. For those looking for the greenest yard in the neighborhood, there are a few spring lawn treatment tips to keep in mind.

Fertilizer is Friendly

For people who want to encourage their grass to grow during the spring, it is important to use fertilizer to provide the nutrients that are necessary to encourage the grass to grow taller. However, you should know that using a combination of different fertilizers can help to keep many of the weeds at bay.

Mow Using a Higher Blade Height

Many people try to cut down on the number of times they have to mow their lawn by using a blade height that is low to the ground. While this will cut the grass shorter and reduce the frequency that you have to mow the lawn, it can also be harmful to the grass because it exposes the soil to the rays of the sun. This makes it easier for weeds to soak up the sunlight and start growing. Use a higher blade height to keep the grass healthy.

Get Ready for Lawn Care Treatment Early

It is important for you to make sure that your lawn care equipment is ready to go when the warm weather arrives. Check to make sure the lawnmower has enough gasoline and ensure the blades are finely tuned and sharpened.

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