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What Should You Know About Artificial Turf?

If you think artificial turf sounds like a good idea, think again.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Artificial turf seems really appealing to anyone looking for a quick, easy fix for their turf woes. And while it may be a quick way to a green lawn, it does come with its own set of complications too.

Health Risks

Artificial turf is made from synthetic materials – like in a lab – some of which containreported levels of toxicity. Prolonged exposure to artificial turf can be harmful.

Runoff from turf can be potentially damaging to the environment.

Artificial turf can retain powerful levels of heat in the summer sun, which can contribute to player exhaustion.

If you want to roll around in the grass with your family, or play a game of catch barefoot with friends, you may regret getting synthetic turf. It might be a quick solution, but it isn’t always ideal for enjoying summer fun.

Soil Destruction

Laying down artificial turf destroys the soil quality and cuts off future planting avenues for your home or business.

It chokes the life out of the soil, which needs sunlight and rain to foster important nutrients.

Want to get a jumpstart on your lawn? Sod has all the benefits of natural grass – authentic feel, great smell – without all the hassle of grass seed. It’s a fast, natural solution that doesn’t carry the baggage of artificial turf.

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