100% Guarantee


Modern Turf offers an industry first with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on a new lawn.

Here’s how it works:


We ensure the client the best possible growing conditions for the most suitable grass variety to meet their needs and expectations. The first step is an onsite consultation with the client to gather important information such as the client’s needs and expectations, soil type, water source, shade distribution, drainage patterns, history of the site, traffic (i.e., kids or dogs, etc.) and any other unique factors that might not otherwise be apparent without an onsite visit. Our Modern Turf professional will also take soil samples for fertility testing. Based on the soil test results and the on-site assessment, we will make recommendations for the best grass variety for each situation.

Irrigation Certification

A Modern Turf qualified irrigation inspector will then take an irrigation assay. This includes adjusting all heads to spray the area of intent; verifying all zones are in good working order; replacing any damaged heads; repairing leaks; and inspecting the system overall. Upon completion of this inspection process the irrigation system is certified as “sod ready”. The rate for this service starts at $85,  to be conducted annually ensuring proper irrigation coverage.

Soil Test

Successful lawns begin with a proper soil test to determine the fertility of the site. Based on the soil test results, we make necessary amendments to the soil, creating optimum growing conditions for the particular variety of grass. While we do sometimes add soil and organic components, we are not proponents of massive importation of additional materials to your yard (or added to your cost). The most likely amendment to a given site would be an organic mixture on a sandy location to increase moisture retention and fertility.

Soil Amendments and Site Preparation

For clients wanting lawn replacement, preparation includes reducing the existing lawn to a sodable surface, removing tree roots, filling low areas, and disposing of excess material. For those needing new lawns, preparation requires more grading and raking to produce a smooth and sod-ready soil. In either case, just prior to sodding, we incorporate any necessary soil amendments which may include organic material, lime, fertilizer, or wetting agents.


Installation itself is fairly straightforward. We then irrigate until the new sod is wet through the root zone to the soil below and the Modern Turf installation professional will adjust the irrigation system as necessary.

Modern Turf Service Agreement

Modern Turf is your professional lawn care service and the final step in obtaining a 100% lifetime guarantee for your new yard. Modern Turf service plans include 6 visits per year to treat your yard with the same caliber products we use at our farm on hundreds of acres of turf. We price this program competitively and differentiate ourselves by offering a program tailor-made for the lawn of each client. As long as you maintain a contract with Modern Turf care services to provide proper and timely applications of fertilizer, fungicides, pre-emergent herbicides, and you meet other stipulations clearly explained in the contract, your yard will be 100% guaranteed!