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What You Should Know About Sports Turf and Fields

For those who are looking to invest in a sport grass system, it is important to select the right turf. There are many different characteristics for you to consider, and getting these characteristics right will impact the playability, durability, and versatility of your sports surface. There are several specific characteristics of turf that you should consider before making a final decision.

The Fiber

If you’re looking to install a turf system, you must consider what type of fiber is right for the surface. This will play a major role regarding the aesthetics of the surface and the durability of the turf itself. 

The Pile Height

This is the term given to the overall height of the grass itself. The height of the pile is going to impact the ability of the turf to absorb shock, and sports that require cleats may want a longer pile height to increase the resilience of the turf surface.

The Infill

This is one of the most important aspects of the turf field because it has a direct impact on the safety of the turf. There are many different products that you can select for their infill and new products are being introduced rapidly. You should also be aware that longer pile heights will allow for more infill and improved safety.

The Backing

This is a commonly overlooked feature because the backing of the surface is not visible from the field of play or the stands; however, the backing is important because it affects the durability of the surface and impacts the “bounce” that synthetic turf might have.

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