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What Should I Know About Laying Sod?

It’s no surprise that Americans take pride in their lawns. In fact, Americans spend nearly $6.4 billion dollars each year on their lawns. Lawn care is more than just mowing or spreading fertilizer. In some instances, sod may be the best solution to creating a beautiful lawn.

For homeowners, golf courses, or playing field owners alike, sod provides beautiful lush grass. Sod may be required in the case of:

  • New homes
  • New golf course construction and/or repair
  • Lawn repair
  • Installation of a putting green at home
  • Construction of a playing field
  • Repair of a playing field

Choosing the right grass

When choosing the type of grass for your sod, there are many factors to consider including:

  • Soil type
  • Shade and sun levels
  • Climate
  • Expected levels of wear and tear

Prep the site

Before installing sod, the site will need to be prepped:

  • Remove foreign objects (e.g.. leftover building scraps)
  • Grade the area (remove tree roots, etc)
  • Prep the area with weed control sprays, top soil, soil enhancements (if needed), and fertilizers
  • Consultation
  • Soil Test: Testing the soil indicates if any treatments (e.g.. lime) are needed prior to the sod installation.
  • Irrigation Certification: Because the success of sod is dependent on proper watering, this service ensures that all sprinkler heads are in working order and will provide adequate water.
  • Amendments and Preparation
  • Installation
  • Modern Turf Care Service


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