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There are many signs that turf deterioration is occurring and must be handled. Modern Turf can help guide you in the right direction. We can even provide you a few ways to notice the problem and solve it in an efficient way. Consider the following warning signs:

•Weed and insect infestations.
•Living in an area where there is a lot of wildlife.
•Poor drainage.
•Neglect in management.
•Tree root competition.
•Shade issues.

Keeping the Turfgrass Healthy

•Look into shading issues. If the Turfgrass is in a heavily shaded area, it will not thrive. This may include having to work on the landscaping of your yard.

If there is poor drainage, there are two possible solutions. The most basic one would be working on breaking up the soil that is compacted. If that does not help, Modern Turf can help by installing drainage tile.

Check the fertility and acidity of your soil. Knowing the exact amount of fertilizer and lime needing to be applied can brighten up your lawn in no time.

Thatch can be a common issue. Thatch is decomposed growth under the turfgrass, preventing it from flourishing the way that it should.

Modern Turf can help you by applying all of our knowledge in these areas to make your yard the most beautiful one in the neighborhood. Our experts can help renovate your Turfgrass today!Contact us now!


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