What Are the Advantages of Sodding Vs. Seeding?

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Renovation and presentation goals influence the decision to sod or seed.

Depending on your renovation and presentation goals, there are advantages to both sodding and seeding. Neither one is a clear-cut “winner” because it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. You can get great results from both if the initial setup is thorough and the maintenance is consistent.

Depending on individual renovation and presentation goals, what are the advantages of sodding vs. seeding?

Advantage 1: Cost-effectiveness

Seeding has a distinct advantage when considering a new lawn: it’s cheap. Even at the top-level seed packs, you’re still likely to come out under budget compared to sod installation.

Sodding, on the other hand, can be more expensive because someone else has to grow the grass.

Advantage 2: Time and Labor

Sodding has the advantage when it comes to time and work. You can wake up with a dirt lawn and fall asleep the same day with grass as green as a leprechaun’s bow tie. The rollout installation is easy and could even be fun!

Seeding, however, takes significantly longer and requires more time. A better word to use in this case might be “nurturing,” which means you’ll be right there making sure your seedlings are getting enough attention.

Advantage 3: Choice

Seeding has the better advantage when it comes to choice. You can choose the best grass type for your area, which means you’re more likely to have a lawn that is easy to manage.

Sodding doesn’t always give you the choice options you might want. It would be difficult for any company to grow every type of turf to sell as sod, so most companies stick to a select few that are durable and common.

If you have the money, don’t want to spend too much personal time, and you’re fine with the available sod options, then sodding is better for your situation.

If you’re looking for a cost-savings option, you like nurturing seedlings, and you want a particular grass type, then seeding is probably best for you.

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