What Is Required for the Maintenance Crew to Properly Maintain a Turfgrass Field?

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Make sure your turf health is in the best hands with professional maintenance.

Having a great field requires the best turfgrass maintenance techniques, and that kind of expertise requires experience and training. When you invest in a turfgrass field, you need to invest in long-term maintenance planning as well. Turfgrass fields are subject to tons of wear and tear – from human foot traffic to drastic weather like rain, snow, and flooding. Preventing severe damage requires professional maintenance.

Here are the top 3 reasons to invest in professional turfgrass maintenance:

  1. Consistent Service. When you have a maintenance crew that’s properly trained for the task, getting regular service performed on your turf field is going to improve the overall quality and feel of the lawn dramatically. From watering to fertilizing to mowing, keeping a regular schedule is the best way to get superb results.
  2. Improve Safety. Technical training prepares field crews to implement safety standards effectively, such as sweeping for harmful debris and monitoring chemical levels on the turf. This is not only vital to the health and safety of players, but also to the long-term quality of the turfgrass.
  3. Pest Control. Identifying common threats and stopping them in their tracks – that’s one of the most important aspects of professional turfgrass maintenance. Of the many threats to turfgrass health, pests and weeds are some of the most devastating. But if you have a well-trained crew to buff up your turf defense you never have to worry about these little critters ravaging your beautiful field.

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