What Is the Best Time of Year for Turfgrass Installation?

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Our maintenance tips can help you determine the best times to install your turfgrass.

One of the best maintenance tips you’ll get regarding turfgrass installation is the time of year to do it. So what’s the answer? Just about any time! Under normal weather conditions, most periods of the year are perfectly suited for turfgrass installation, especially spring and early fall due to the likelihood of rain and cooler temperatures.

So when it comes to maintenance tips, when is it NOT a good time to install your turfgrass? Here are some answers for you:

  1. Smack Middle of Summer Heat Waves
  2. The Deepest Chill of Winter
  3. During a Drought

It’s still possible to install turfgrass in the summer and winter, just keep an eye out for extreme temperature conditions.

At Modern Turf, we have lots of installation and maintenance tips to help you successfully install your new turfgrass. Contact one of our specialists for additional maintenance tips or for more information about our professional installation services.


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