When Is the Best Time to Aerate My Turf grass?

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When Is the Best Time to Aerate My Turf grass?

Aerification can do wonders for your lawn’s nutrient profile.

A high quality lawn service is the key to making your turf grass flourish. You can do some of the work yourself, but it’s best left up to the experts. Some people wonder when is the best time to aerate your turf grass. This is a terrific question. Here is everything you need to know about lawn aeration.

Best Time to Aerate

Perfect sod needs to be cared for in the right way if you want it to last. One of those methods is by annual aeration. This should take place ideally during the beginning of the growing season. For those in the South Carolina area, this is in the early Spring months. It’s best to have the temperature outside be above 65 degrees consistently before you start the process. For other care points on your sod turf throughout the year, you can check out our handy calendar on our Modern Turf website in the “care program” section.

What Aeration Actually Does for Your Turfgrass

Aeration is the process where small holes are manually put into the soil to allow extra light, water and fertilizer to get to the root of the sod grass. The process can also help repair certain dead spots that come up over the Winter months.

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