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What is the best time to install sod?

Best time to install sod? Depends.

South Carolina’s hot, humid summers and temperate winters can make it the perfect growing environment for a wide variety of grasses — from Bermuda to Zoysia and just about everything in between. However, the health and longevity of your new lawn can largely depend upon the environmental factors at play at the time the ground is seeded. Read on to learn more about the best times of year to install your new lawn.

Because different grass types can have different needs, the right time of year to plant new sod can vary a bit depending on the variety you select.

In general, it’s best to install sod during the spring or early autumn months, when outside temperatures are cooler and there’s a higher chance of precipitation that can help the sod take root in your soil. This will help establish your lawn much more quickly, and with Modern Turf’s added turf care service and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be assured a lush, green lawn regardless of when you decide to schedule installation.

What time of year (or under what conditions) should you avoid planting grass?

Although South Carolina’s warm temperatures can make sod installation appropriate at just about every time of year, there are some environmental conditions that can make establishing sod more of a challenge. Excessive rainfall or drought are two such conditions, and you may want to postpone your installation until the weather forecast is more favorable.

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