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What You Should Know About Spring Lawn Care

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With spring approaching, the time is drawing near to think about when to begin treating your lawn for the new season.

In preparation to treat your personal or commercial lawn for the spring, keep in mind you don’t want to start the process too early. As the weather warms, wait patiently for your lawn to wake itself up gradually. You might compact the grass or kill new shoots before they’ve matured if you do too much work on your lawn too soon.

While you’re waiting, you can accomplish other equipment maintenance-related tasks, such as sharpening mower blades, servicing and cleaning your lawnmower, string trimmer, and other tools, buying fresh gasoline, and properly disposing of old fuel. We suggest cleaning up the lawn by raking away twigs, leaves, and other debris that accumulated over winter in preparation for applying herbicides and fertilizers. Additionally, this helps you more easily detect any dead or compacted areas throughout the lawn that need attention or aeration.

Your next tasks include planting grass, or reseeding particular areas that are brown or bare, and also fertilizing the grass once it is well established. Grass seeds germinate when soil temperatures are approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should seed your lawn only once daytime temperatures are consistently about that level. If you don’t know what sod to use, get advice from experts at Modern Turf.

For property owners in the south, spring is a good time to apply a combination of fertilizers and herbicides early in the season, or just as the grass begins its most active growth. How much you should apply can depend on where you live, the climate and topography, the extent of your weed problem, and other factors, so be sure to check the product packaging for details.

If you have questions about your lawn care, the experts at Modern Turf in Rembert, SC, have an answer. Contact us to schedule a consultation or browse sod, mulch, and other landscape supplies.


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