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Why Your Golf Putting Green Isn’t Up to Par

TLC where it really counts.

There are several different factors that go into the quality of a putting green. Players can easily be discouraged by a lack of consistency in a green. If your green is not consistent in uniformity, smoothness, and firmness, it is likely not up to par.


Consistency is key when it comes to putting greens. In all aspects, the consistency of the green will indicate the success of your golf course as a whole.

The way a ball putts needs to be uniform on all putting greens on your course. The smoothness and firmness should also remain consistent throughout the course. Players will expect the entirety of the course to putt like the first hole. If that does not happen, then you might lose a few customers in the long run.

Controlling the Grain

If your putting green is not mowed close enough, players will notice a significant difference in the roll of the ball depending on if they are putting with or against the grain. This can also be a problem if the green is not mowed in opposite directions throughout the week.


Calcutta by Modern Turf can put your putting green woes to bed. Calcutta has much less grain than competitors and is easily maintained to minimize existing grain. Modern Turf and subsequent

Modern Turf care will work to install sod that allows your golf course to have an ideal putting green that is long lasting, high quality, and consistent throughout your golf course. Contact us today to learn more!


Enjoy professional installation with our Turf Care division. 


Irrigation solutions to keep your turf looking great.

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